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 Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've moved to http://josephine-heng.blogspot.com/

Cya there =D

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 Saturday, July 3, 2010

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 Thursday, April 15, 2010

Read this read this...

92.2% of grads found employment within 6 months

The employment rate of graduates from the Singapore Management University (SMU) is the highest among the three local varsities.

96.8 per cent of its graduates found jobs within six months of graduation.

In comparison, about 91 per cent of graduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS), and about 89 per cent of graduates from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) found jobs within six months of graduation.

In terms of salary, graduates from SMU's Information Systems Management course earned the highest mean monthly salary of about S$3,450.

Graduates from the Business Administration with Honours course at NUS came close with a mean monthly salary of about S$3,400.

At the other end of the scale are graduates from NUS's Applied Science course. Their mean monthly salary is about S$2,400.

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i finally master powerslide & mohawk turn~!

and i m going for...

Inline Certification Program!!!

inline skating ROX~!

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 Friday, April 9, 2010
Argh.. I sld hav made an appointment!!!
Wasted 1 hour of my life waiting for my passport zzz..
Study break now = MUG! (supposingly)
And 2 more weeks.. I'll b FREE! Wooo..

not free actually.. I've already packed my summer holiday with so much stuff..
Will be working both weekdays n weekends..
+samba at night.. Shiok ah..

Ok nvm nvm.. Think of the money..
Think of the genting n germany trip..
Its worth it!
I earn for my own trip! N i m proud of myself!
ok i really hav to start mugging hard..
Study hard n study smart..

i learn that there's no point wasting so much time trying to study n nothing goes into ur head.. Might as well do something else.. But when u really wanna study, u muz put in 100% concentration n make sure that Whatever u study goes into ur head..
For the rest of my free time, i'll b devoted to inline skating..
Train hard n be a good instructor..

Oh.. Not forgetting bout my piano.. Gonna learn some new song..
Hmm wad else.. Haha.. Guess wad..
I'm typing this while waiting for my passport.. Zzz.. Why isit not ready yet!!!
I sit till my butt pain already zzz..

K lets see.. Wad else can i type.. *think*

Oh yea.. My bro starting sch soon!
At nyp, same sch n same course as me..
Follow my footstep!

Ok he better not.. Haha..
I'm very happy for my bro actually..
I feel that he's become more sensible after ns.. When i tell him about sch stuff, he listen to mi very patiently..
Even mi myself find myself abit too naggy..
Keep repeating the same thing for 537196 times.. Pengz..

But whatever i tell him is something that i've experience..
I met with alot of obsticles along the way and took alot of turns..

But i wan him to walk the correct right from the beginning n avoid any pebbles as much as possible along the way..
That is the best i can do for my bro..
The rest is up to himself..
N if i can do it, i'm sure he can do much better than me..

For those who are going into poly, many of u including myself, is not sure what u r gonna do after graduation..
Here's 1 piece of advice for u..
Yes.. Poly life can be damn slack if u choose to get an adverage result n get that diploma..
Its nothing difficult..
However, if u wanna continue studying n get into local unis, ur gpa better be at least 3.5..
If u wanna have a better selection of course or get into nus.. At least 3.8..
Ok its my turn to get e passport..

The guy damn funny.. Lolx.. Going to get my skates now! Bb!

p.s. read this news!!!
JC students deserve priority

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 Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Back to bangs~

yep.. i cut my fringe.. Myself!

it kept irritate my eyes till 1 day.. i really cant take it anymore..
i decided to snip them away!

My current hair!
(& some act cute pics~ Hee~)

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 Monday, March 15, 2010
i've been really really busy these days..
other than sch work, i'm working part time during weekends..
as inline skating instructor!

okok.. i know..
i may not look sporty but but but~
i love skating & i've been skating since 7 yrs old =D

i self-learn back then..
but its very different from what u learn in skating class..
therefore, i have to go through skating class & instructor course before i can become a instructor..
(not easy huh~)

but that's not the worse..
you see..
its really not easy to teach the younger kids especially when they r on skates..
they can never be still.. even for just 10 seconds..

Well.. although they r a headache..
i simply LOVE the kids!
they r uber uber CUTE CUTE CUTE! =D

Interested in skating?!
Join Inlinex!
Lessons are open to all age group..
for more information, check out our website at:

or join our facebook group at:

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today while i was on my way to sch..
dis lady got up the bus..
she jus kept talking.. to herself.. or rather.. to her "friend"?

i was like....... OMGoddie~~~

what the shit is this!

the thing is.. she speaks perfect english.. & seems like she is well educated..
but she looks into her reflection & kept talking to the reflection..
i feel kinda sad for her actually..

so i jus wanna advice pple out there not to stress too much on work..
at times.. remember to take a break =)

Work hard~ Play hard~!

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 Friday, March 5, 2010
LTB execution finally over..
kinda miss the kids although i m only able to go for 2 of the lessons..
but the kids are really cute!

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 Thursday, March 4, 2010
donoe where did those ridiculous comments come from..
super irritating zzz~

Anyway.. haven been blogging for awhile..
thats coz i was really busy..
although i only take 4 mods dis sem..
LTB = never ending meetingsssssssss~
OOAD & DM = never ending projectssssss~
Inspirar = meetings~~~~~~
Samba = concert prac + coburg prac~~~~
bla bla bla~

& most importantly, even my precious weekends..
are GONE~~~~~~~~~~ =(

i'll be working.. guess wad..






as a inline skating instructor!!!

kinda unbelievable right?
even me myself donoe y am i doing this too..
i seriously hate the sun.. hate to sweat.. don wanna to get tanned..
& my stamina really cannot make it..

ok la.. there's good & bad..
the good thing is that i can earn my own pocket money!!!
& i wun waste my weekend rotting at home..

but the bad thing is that..
i get veri tanned =(
i get more bruises den usual =(
no more weekends =(
no time for sch work =(
get really tired after skating (*pant pant*) i admit.. i m old already..

so~ if u r interested to learn skating..
u can come for a free trial lesson.. before u decide if u wanna sign up =)
(i'll snap some pics the nx lesson.. stay tune for more updates!)

oh yea.. SMU open house this sat n sun..
Samba will be performing at 12pm and 2pm.. & i'm involve! Woot~
damn excited can~ *shake shake*

ok thats all folks..
Nitez~ Awwwww dis sat ooad lab test.. i m so dead Zzzzzzz~

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