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 Sunday, October 28, 2007
Today is our 3 years anniversary.. finally its 3 years.. at 1st i still said.. dis relationship couldn't last more then 6 month.. dis shows that:

less meet = less quarrel
less quarrel = longer relationship
therefore, less meet = longer relationship

so thats the trick for our long 3 years relationship coz we onli meet once a week or sometimes once every 2 weeks..

Today went cafe cartel for drunch.. the food was nice.. but couldn't finish coz both of us were really super full and the serving is quite big.. i like the seafood macaronni... the soup was nice too.. surprisingly dear wear a RED polo T today.. seldom see him wear red..

after eating, we went around to shop.. actually i prefer to shop alone coz i don like 2 let pple wait for mi while i shop or try on e clothes.. anyway, dearie bought 2 dress jus now.. hmm.. the dress quite loose but i like the simple design & e big buttons.. & its veri nice 2 wear..

go home e time saw a funny guy in the MRT station acting cool.. wearing his bloody torn sch uniform.. with a torn pants and blood stains on his face.. at 1st i tot the face was a big mole.. hahaha~~ see clearly is fake blood stains.. Diaoz.. i will neve go out like that man Yucks.. so AA - attract attention..

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 Saturday, October 27, 2007
Today went m'sia 2 visit ah gong in e hospital.. actually don feel like going 1.. but he jus finish his operation so my mummy insist us to go n visit him..
kang n mi had lots of fun on the way LOLx.. we took lots of photo.. n i realise we really look quite alike ah.. like wad he always told mi.. like sister like brother.. hahaha~~

as usual, the 1st thing we reach m'sia my bro sure wanna eat his fav chao kwey tiao at 1 of the alley.. i've neve been there b4.. and my 1st impression was like "WOW~~"!!

anyway, after eating we took bus to e hospital.. quite tired so fall aslp in e bus.. (is it abit too fake LOL!)

we stayed there for a few hours.. actually it was quite bored coz i nv talk 2 my grandpa.. no common topic.. and he cant talk much... and most importantly, i don understand teochew.. =.=
so cant communicate..

luckily my cousins came after that.. den i got some entertainment.. coz long time nv see her already.. so everytime we see each other sure chat chat chat non stop... donoe y alot of things to say.. (veri long nv take pics with her so onli got dis pic to show) hahaha~~ my cousins come 1st coz their dad(my uncle) drop them den go park his car.. the 1st thing she saw mi guess wad she say.. haha~~ she ask mi " EH! How come u can come in??" then i know the hospital's rule states that cannot wear sleeveless and any skirt above knee length.. luckily i was wearing jeans.. but sleeveless.. =.= den my uncle came n ask the same thing =.= they still tot how i sneak in 1.. no wonder when i walk in the nurses all looking at mi like i'm some alien..

after that went my cousin hse for dinner.. hmm.. so nice that i 4got i m on diet n eat alot.. haha~
when i eat finish den i realise OH SHYT~~ haha.. but it was too late already..
after dinner, i found my cousin art block on e sofa.. her artwork wad really impressive especially dis 1.. so i took a pic of it using my hp..

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 Friday, October 26, 2007

i'm sooo happy today.. saw Tank n Evan Yo.. OMG.. Evan is sooooo cute!!! veri fair n tall.. he look exactly like the 我可以 MTV.. when he smile.. its so sweet n lovely.. and his eyes becomes veri small.. dorothy say he look like Rain when he smile >.<

Tank was the last 1 to come on stage.. honestly speaking.. his look soso onli.. dorothy say his mouth veri big like hippo.. hahaha~~ but when he sings.. OMG~~ super duper nice.. i donoe how 2 describe.. but his singing really impressive ^.^

going home e time, saw kenneth at mrt station~~ Diaoz =.= donoe y will see him there also.. singapore is really too small..

Anyway, today i ate chocolate during lunch time.. ty libin for being so sweet.. go japan still rem 2 buy things back for us.. hahaha~~ today is a great day man~~ =) Happy~~ Shalalala~~

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 Thursday, October 25, 2007
As usual.. 2day late for work again.. spend quite some time doing my shoe lace dis morning... See.. dis is wad i wear 2 work.. abit funny ah hahaha~~

Very happy today coz i got my "MP3" acc mi on my way 2 work.. haha~~ so nice..
Whole day do alot of things.. so stress tat i keep eating sweets... sweets n sweets non stop~~

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 Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Today really super tired.. fall asleep in e bus when i m on my way 2 work.. den when my Judy talk 2 mi... i almost fall asleep o.O donoe she got see anot.. actually wanna slp during lunch break de.. but was forced to go out together.. =.=

dis time my diet plan works quite well.. 3rd day not having lunch already.. wanna do some sports.. but everytime after work already so late n tired.. how 2 exercise..

Anyway, today Judy ask me the one million question again.. hahaha~~ its the 4th time she is asking it already.. i m quite happy coz she keep praising me..
Actually i don mind to come back and help after i grad.. but the pay muz b reasonable la.. moreover i have been doing all these things for 3 months already.. haha.. really donoe how to ans her..

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 Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Today really not my day.. oso donoe y nv look at the time den late for work.. 1st thing i reach work place den finger kena scald by hot water.. and alot of other things la~~ don wanna think about it.. >.<

After work went AMK hub.. suppose 2 hav dinner there.. but some1 huh.. 1 HOUR LATE!!! made mi travel all the way 2 amk den back to houg point again.. what the.. =.=

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 Monday, October 22, 2007
Woooo~~~ finally got my nano~~ so small n slim.. like a piece of biscuit.. hahaha.. but tmr not gonna bring out.. wanna buy a protective cover and a ear piece 1st b4 i use.. haha.. my precious baby.. *Muackz*

oh dis pic is taken 1 day b4 my bday... my colleague so sweet bought mi a black forest cake.. hahaha.. love 'em *huggies*

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 Sunday, October 21, 2007
today is my cousin simon's bday.. went his hse 2 celebrate together.. haha.. we always celebrate bday together.. thats how we maintain close relationship.. dis is my cousin simon.. haha.. the dark blue is ivan and the light blue is my younger bro.. another bro not inside.. he play whole night, slp whole day.. so nv go with us..

dis is my cousin 晓婷 i always call her small ting.. she say now is big ting already lolz..
she got super big eyes n long lashes.. *envy* jus now i taught her a song on the keyboard.. now she can play a song already.. although still need practise.. smarty small ting.. her finger abit flashy like mine.. lolz.. so always press extra key.. hope she can get gd result for her PSLE n get into a gd sch..

we are all from the 胖胖俱乐部 Lolx!

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 Saturday, October 20, 2007
Today bought my fav Doritos cheesy nacho... wahahaha... finally found the bigger packet 1... shitty.. wanna go on diet yet still eating tidbits.. my brain says on diet cannot eat tidbits.. but my hand jus wun listen.. so in the end.. wahahaha..

Jus now Fang send mi a veri nice song n i keep listening 2 it.. lolz.. so i put in my blog as background music share with everybody.. argh 5am le.. ZZZzzzzzzz... nite nite!

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 Friday, October 19, 2007
=.= Aww my eyes~~ everyday i tell myself, tonight i must slp earlier.. but i slp later n later each day.. hmmm.. dis is really bad.. bcoz of dis i got dark rings la, sorethroat la, ulcer, and worse of all, i got many days of headache.. oso donoe is it migraine anot.. SHYT!

NVM! tmr will be a better day.. its finally friday! Woooo~~~

Gd nitez everybody!!

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Gonna start blogging again.. really got no time for anything since IAP start.. i'm working extra hard.. hoping to get better result..

Today i was so tired.. guess wad.. i fall asleep in the bus on my way home.. haha.. not surprising right.. but if i said i fall sleep standing... wahahaha~~~ can u imagine how tired i am?

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