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 Thursday, November 29, 2007
Finally got some time to blog.. FYP really tiring.. i m the well-known late queen.. now i cannot be late for sch.. not even 1 minute.. SHYT!
So long neve fall sick already.. FYP start onli & i got flu~ sianz! sick at the wrong time..

Anyway, I got many many many pics~~ since last thurs.. the farewell meal.. Awww.. Nooo~~ i miss my cutie colleagues~~ *sad*

-farewell meal-

-jojo with libin & "ken can" LOL!-
-cutie Clovis & lovely Nikki-
Finally e last day.. 3mth of IAP has come to an end.. i decided 2 go 2 work early.. so i'm the first 2 reach..

Saturday slack whole day.. so nv take any pics.. went to bring my cousin over 2 my hse.. all wanna come my hse donoe y.. but also good.. suddenly my hse packed with kids.. 1st time 10 pple go houg pt for supper together.. Wooo~

Sunday night play plastercine.. i feel young~~ *Puke* WAHAHAHAhahahaha~~~ saw them playing i oso wanna join in..

-more more plasticine-

-i did all these ok.. mai siao siao hor-

First day back 2 sch.. veri excited.. veri tired.. raymond sitting beside mi.. keep falling asleep damn funny.. haha~

-1st day in sch-

-Sleepy Raymond oOps!-

Dis is my project hardware.. if i m not wrong.. is to blow in frm e tube & detect e lung donoe wad la.. i oso not sure how it works.. but i m doing e software side.. using a program call NI LabVIEW and i seriously donoe ANYTHING~~
-Stupid Final Year Project-

Got 2 go slp already.. *jojo off to lala land~* Nitez!

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 Monday, November 26, 2007
Awww~~~ 1st day back in school.. sianz half.. stuck in the lab.. nothing 2 do.. stupid FYP.. do wad Development of Pulmonary Disease Detection System... donoe wad the hell is that.. still gotta do in Blk R de Bio lab.. Grrr.. MUST reach at 8.30 sharp and can onli leave after 6pm... =.= & the worse thing.. NO MUSIC!!! No mp3, no food, no drink, no nO NO~~~ everything NO!!! still need to bring admin card everyday.. I AM GOING MAD!!! ARRGHhhhhhh~~~

Heard frm those previous students.. so far those who did dis project, no1 has successfully complete before.. and if the project cant be completed, i can onli get either a C or D.. OMG!!! quite sad after hearing that.. dis FYP is my onli hope to get into University.. so i will do my best.. i m not greedy.. i do not need a distinction.. jus gimme A will do.. LOL!

ok stop here.. Damn tired.. onli slp 2 hours+.. Zzzzz~~~

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 Thursday, November 8, 2007
Hohoho~~ Happy Deepavali!!! we all went Dinesh house 2 celebrate Deepavali with him.. his wife cook us lunch.. most of them were nice.. but some had a rather "unique" taste.. haha~~ u know wad i mean???

i ate alot.. but oso drank alot of green tea coz e curry is really HOT HOT HOT~~~ i like the mutton.. so ate alot.. hahaha~~ look at e lovely couple.. *envy* haha~ Happy Deepavali!!!

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 Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Super busy day... see my messy table.. oh ya.. yest told Nikki i like the Seaweed Flavour 1 today she bought 1 for mi.. i wanted 2 pay her back but she refuse 2 take frm mi.. *cry*

When i reach home..david sms mi ask tonight wan sing k anot.. but we ask ask around.. all don wanna go.. in the end decided go boat quay pub instead.. den suddenly all wanna go =.=

so david drive me, wugui, henry and missy to boat quay and meet asphar, daring, mango and dion.. play e stupid card game so funny.. HUAT Ah!! haha~

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 Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tired day.. as usual, i'm late again.. today May bring in my fav tidbits.. i tot it is not selling anymore coz i went houg point NTUC "EXTRA" and i cant find.. den she told mi she bought it frm Cold Storage..

i was so excited and went straight to Compass Point and grab 2 pac of the Seaweed Flavour (super super happy~~).. after that went 2 a jap restaurant (4got wad name.. 'Wasabi' or something like that) and hav dinner at compass point.. e set meal quite special.. can ownself mix and match.. Yummy~~

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 Sunday, November 4, 2007
How many days nv blog already... i miscount.. haha~~~ i'm getting lazy =.=

I think i got really bad memory.. coz i cant rem wad i have done for the past few days.. seriously cant rem on which day or date and wad really happened.. Awww~~ check out the photos i took..

OMG i din take any photo on monday and now i cant rem wad happened.. its less den a week onli.. What The ****!!!! i cant even rem wad i wear SHYT!!! *still thinking hard*

Tue, 30 oct - went Heartland Mall shopping with dorothy.. finally got my bro's bday present.. own for so long already no time 2 buy.. see my aunty look.. LOL

Wed, 31 oct - wear my cute dress to work.. hahaha~~ i like the big buttons..

Thurs, 1 Nov - 1st time i tie up my hair to work.. hahaha~~ donoe y suddenly wanna bun up my hair oso.. but i think its better to leave my hair down right??? look so aunty =.=

Fri, 2 Nov - ok dis 1 quite recent so i can rem clearly wad happen.. early morning went Pan Pacific Hotel with Judy n Julia(my bosses) for a seminal on Enterprise Content Management by a company called ECM² ..

it was really interesting especially dis guy - Dr Patrick Chan
he really got e charisma (personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people) he caught my attention and make mi listen carefully to wad he says even when i m quite sleepy that day..

Anyway, it was really a fun.. especially the food.. so Yummylicious~~ hahaha~~ i can onli think of food~~

Sat, 3 Nov - slack the whole morning n afternoon.. lying on my comfy bed and chat online.. no1 at home and i m so lazy 2 go out da bao so in the end nv eat anything for the whole day..
actually wanted 2 go Junction 8 buy my bag de.. but i'm jus too lazy 2 move
-->ME (^oo^) hahaha~~

At night went Marina South Chong Pang for steamboat with fellow WLNY hou-gangster(Ryan, Perline, Asphar, Shan, Wugui, Mango, Kelly, Dion).. oh ya ya ya.. thurs i jus went Q-Bistro with them(Daring, Rayner, Kenny, Wilson, Richard).. pool kena trash by PRO Rayner =.= Sianzzz and today they went sentosa outing but i'm not going coz i hate the sun, hate the sand and the sea..

Steamboat outing was fun.. wugui still bring her own nice chilli sauce.. hahaha~~ it was nice but veri SPICY!!!!! Ryan kept complaining like an aunty while waiting and say hungry man is a angry man.. can see he is really hungry coz he ate alot..

We meet at outside Marina Bay MRT station de bus stop there.. shan was the 1st to reach.. she look damn fierce.. like going 2 eat all of us like that.. =.= ~Scary~
When we got up e bus, every1 keep asking Asphar to get down get down get down e bus.. damn funny.. hahaha~ he always kena bully... but he's a nice guy i can say..
Asphar is a great cook.. when we see him puting 咸菜 n 10 prawns into e soup; den put onion and tao geh on his chicken every1 still suan him.. (especially shan) keep calling him bangladesh.. LOL.. but everything turn out veri nice~~ yummy~~
i feel veri comfy hanging out with them.. probably bcoz perline is around.. at least some1 i know since sec 1? hahaha~~

after steamboat went arcade 2 meet Kelly n play while.. her eyes r really pretty.. or sld i say every1 is pretty.. and she really super super slim..

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