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 Thursday, January 31, 2008
Blogging in sch again..
everybody rushing to do AES & report.. yet i'm here gaming & blogging..

Mahjong really can kill time i tell u.. sign up & play with mi!!!

dis is my wawa..
cute right?

i got everything for free except for that shoe.. gotta buy using the money i win frm playing mahjong.. hahaha~

hahaha~~ see.. if i win dis game.. half colour 3 tai + bai ban 1 tai = total 4 tai!
too bad.. not so easy..

dis 1 i almost win lor..
waiting for 2 wan, 3 wan or 5 wan..
if i win.. flower 1 tai + centipede 1 tai + dong 2 tai = Muahahaha~ 4 tai!
but.. din win again =.="

Arggghhhhh~~ giv up.. today too suay cant play.. lolz..
anyway, i create a cute doll frm some jap website..

gonna wear like dis for new year..
so i'll b hunting for a red dress.. hope i can find a nice 1..

created dis 1 too.. so *Kawaii neh*i oso wan those long & slim legs, small hourglass figure, fair complexion, big eyes, small mouth, small nose & her silky curly bouncy hair..

I WANT!!! ARrgghhh~~~

p.s. - *i'm going crazy*

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 Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i also got chocolate ok!
& its from ROYCE !!!
Freshly made Chocolate wafers with sandwiching nutty hazelnut cream into a crunchy wafer,
& coated with premium chocolate~~~

sooooo Chocolatety~~ & Yummy~~

jOjo loves chocolate!

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 Monday, January 28, 2008
went Chinatown with dorothy today..

alot of uncles & aunties.. i oso wanna join in.. *squeeze*

i think it'll b a prosperous year for me.. although might still experience some form of ill luck..
it says i will breeze through both life & work with relative ease..
there will b a lucky star that'll help me to resolve most problems.. which means i'm able to achieve whatever i set out to do..
therefore, i sld tackle every complicated matter instead of leaving it to another year..

saw dis at mac.. Ronald will b going to chinatown's Macdonale on 1st Feb @ 7pm
so if u hav kids.. do bring them down to chinatown mac!!!

anyway.. mac is fatterning.. so we went to the kopitiam instead for dinner..
i ate my fav - BIG fishball bee hoon soup!!!
e fish ball is really big.. its bigger den a ping pong ball! Woohoo~ Shiok!

oh ya.. bought a henna (did i spell correctly?)
hahaha~ gonna tattoo my body with it.. wad shall i draw.. wad shall I DRAW??? lalala~~~

shall end my post with some random chinatown pics..

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 Friday, January 25, 2008
ARRGHhhhhhh~~~ Food Poisoning!!!
Damn e stupid steamboat.. Damn e stupid big crab.. Arrrghhh~~~
lucky i nv go sch today.. poor dorothy.. Haiz..
Diarrhea + vomit 3 times in sch.. in e end gotta go home rest.. still got high fever..
& no1 to take care of her..

As for mi..
morning stomachache.. i was thinking.. aiya.. mayb eat too much last night.. its normal..
den after awhile, start to diarrhea.. oso nv care much..
so i bath & went out to buy bday cake for my fatty dearie..

wait for e damn bus wait soooo long..
den my stomach.. getting more & more painful..
when e bus come.. it was so painful that i couldn't even stand straight..
really feeling unwell.. so i get down e bus at e nx stop..

i walk a few steps & i start to see stars.. everything becomes veri blur..
so i quickly hold on to e wall & sit down..
rest for awhile & continue to walk to houg point's toilet.. diarrhea again =.=

i was really very giddy.. so i rest for awhile in e toilet..
when i'm feeling better, i went out & wash my hands & wanted to go home & rest..
mayb buy e cake later or wad..
but when i step out of e toilet, i couldn't walk straight & see stars again =.= & feel like vomiting..
so i turn back n went into e toilet again & quickly squat down in a cubicle..

i think i really cannot make it home.. so i call mama 2 come & fetch mi home frm houg point..
she so smart.. still bring a bottle of water & 刮痧板..
she said my face look veri pale & keep asking mi to drink more water..
Haizzz.. who else will come n save mi except for my mum.. 世上只有妈妈好.. *cry*

2-3 hours later..
i was feeling much better.. so i went out 2 buy cake again..
i was ok until i reach e cake shop.. =.=
they don hav e chocolate mint cake already.. so i wanted to go bishan buy..
but diarrhea again.. shyt la..

after that i bought a pac of ice water n sit down 2 rest..
i think i really cannot make it to bishan already la..
so i went back to e cake shop n buy a black forest cake.. den i realise they don accept nets =.=
so i went to draw money.. den diarrhea AGAIN!!! ARrghhh~~
den i remember i got a $50 notes in my wallet my mum jus gave mi to buy concession pass..
so i use it to pay for e cake first coz i cant walk to e nets machine already..

e cake shop aunty damn nice.. she still giv mi a chair to sit n rest..
den ask mi am i hungry anot.. she giv mi some bread to eat..

i was so sick that i cried.. but still manage to drag myself home la.. although i walk & sit along e way..
& take alot of time b4 i finally reach home..
i leave e cake in e hall & ask my bro to put in e fridge & i went back to my room to rest..
Jus imagine.. i don even have e strength to bring e cake to e kitchen's fridge..

ok.. end of my diarrhea story.. LOL!

Anyway, today is my fatty dearie's bday!

~Happy Birthday Sweetie~

hahaha~ he bought chocolate for mi!
force him 2 take a pic with e chocolate.. veri unwilling lo.. =.=

anyway, eat steamboat again..
i got phobia for steamboat already.. but i got eat abit la.. how can i miss e steamboat..

Oops..after eating..

Happy Bird-day to yOu!!!

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 Thursday, January 24, 2008
- Geylang Steamboat 重庆火锅 -

today went geylang with dorothy to eat e 重庆火锅...
e crab is super SUPER DAMN BIG!!!

don look big enough? how about dis pic

ate alot of prawns too.. e whole table is filled with food..

but i think i like 饺子 e most.. i think i ate alot alot alot..
until dorothy oso shock when she see how much prawns i ate..
she give up le & i'm still eating non-stop.. lolz..

cute dorothy..fat jojo..

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 Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Squeezy 72 as usual..
saw a real flabby arm in bus.. can u spot it? LOL!

anyway.. today start to sew already.. Muahahahahahaha~
i wonder how long will we take to complete it..
1 hour break & i onli did dis bit.. Jia You!

-1st day-

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 Tuesday, January 22, 2008
today i went amk with dorothy 2 buy a set of cross stitch kit..
e piggies were damn cute..

we cant wait to start sewing.. but we got no sissors..
so we start to draw first..
hahaha~ tmr we will start to sew.. yeah~

after sch we went causeway point..
suppose to hunt for dear's bday present.. but in e end.. still cant make up my mind wad to buy..
i scare i buy something he don like or cant use..

dorothy keep telling me about e geylang steamboat.. make mi drool~~
she said we sld go on diet..
so we decided to skip dinner and onli eat 1 meal a day..
but in the end..


still cant control.. actually both of us r veri hungry lor..
we finish all the food & still eat dessert after that..

no determination at all =.=

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 Monday, January 21, 2008
- Soler X2 Campus Concert -

today mi & dorothy went to watch Soler concert in our campus's theatre of arts...

Guess wad






Can u get dis near to e tall & fit & handsome & talented brothers???

& i got their limited necklace~

but too bad.. din get to take photo with them.. haiya.. wasted..
now i know that i like Julio(elder bro) more coz he is more "man".. LOL..
Dino look cute from far.. but if u see him closely.. also quite man..
(y am i contradicting myself =.=)

BUT overall..
i still like Julio more!!!

Aiya actually i like both of them la.. coz i think when they sing together..
e combination of both their voices..
produce e best harmonic which is veri hard 2 achieve..

~ Love Soler ~

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uncle fang!!! Thanks ah.. for making my link so "attractive" in ur blog.. LOL!
since when i become sexy aunty selling tiger in Town...
& still got "Many Hamsap uncle supporter" ?!

Wahahahahaha~~~ HUAT AH!

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Craving for half boiled egg?


- Half Boiled Egg Cooker -

Muahahahahaha~~ seems like i have all kinds of funny things at home ah..
donoe y.. i suddenly got e craving for half boil egg..
so.. i dig e cupboard for dis "half boiled egg cooker" to make my half boiled egg while i bath..

its quite easy to understand how to use frm e numbers & pictures..
First, put e eggs into e top part..

den pour hot boiling water to e line of e number of eggs u r cooking..
& let e hot water drip down slowly..
(* in case u wonder where i get my boiling water, my hse no longer uses kettle to boil or store water..
we are using dis water machine to produce filtered hot boiling water & normal drinking water)

now, i go n bath n let e egg cook itself.. & when i finish bathing

~~~Dang Dang Dang Dang~~~

the Eggies are done!
add abit of pepper & soya sause &....
-The End-

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