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 Thursday, February 28, 2008
we rushed to e hospital.. every1 is waiting outside e icu..
i went in.. hold his hand & called him.. he open his eyes.. looked at mi & nooded..
i was totally heart broken seeing those pipes & wires all over his body..
it muz b really painful..
we want to let him go home.. but b4 we move him up to ambulance..
he couldn't hold on anymore..




we went back to his hse & arrange for e funeral..dis is the light to lid his way..so e fire gotta b continuous..
go on & on for 5 days - day & night..

Always deep in our memory..

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 Saturday, February 23, 2008
Mummy 含着眼泪.. told me.. my uncle is in coma now..
he got better mayb is bcoz 回光返照..
she ask me to slp early.. we may need to go & see him anytime..
God! Bless him..

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 Thursday, February 21, 2008
Reach home sososo LATE!!! i'm tired~
伟大的 mummy stay overnight in e hospital to take care of my uncle..
& Yes! he is much better den i thought..
Thank god.. Hope u'll continue to bless him with good health & happy always..

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Going to hospital to visit my uncle now..
Hope he is alright..

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Sneeze & sneeze & sneeze & sneeze & sneeze & sneeze
& sneeze & sneeze & sneeze & sneeze
& sneeze & sneeze & sneeze
& sneeze & sneeze
& sneeze..

Aarrgghhh Choo~

donoe who miss mi so much.. made mi sneeze & sneeze..
today sneeze 2,254,675,835 times already..

now my nose.. Awww~ *pain la*

today mummy went to visit my uncle in hospital.. he had dis illness i oso not sure wad is it called..
where all the muscles will slowly contract & limbs will hav no strength at all..
肌肉收缩症 maybe??? i really donoe..

Anyway, he is in hospital now & i m really worried..
i hate dis feeling.. i really HATE IT!!!

"Dear God.. Any God..
PLEASE! Please bless my uncle who is in hospital now..

Bless him to regain his health as soon as possible..

Also bless all my family members.. anybody.. everybody..
especially mummy..

to live happily & healthily till a ripe old age..

i really don wish to see pple beside me leaving 1 by 1.. although i know dis is part of life..
but i really LOVE every single 1 of them!

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 Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yes! i Officially Graduated~


3 years of torture.. has come to an end.. haha~
today i submit all those that need to be submitted & now...

i finally got back my freedom!!!

Bye Bye~ NYP!

head super pain.. guess still not use to late night sleep.. i better go rest now..

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 Monday, February 18, 2008
today went kuishin-bo at suntec with fellow labmates..
baozuan, li jun, raymond & yang feng..

the food... Awww~~~


i think i ate around 10 tempura prawns & mayb about 20+ scallops? Hahaha~
quite scary right?
Here are the food i ate.. 1 person finish all these ok~More more shell food!!!of coz there are alot more other food like soup, mango pudding, fruits, ice cream, gui lin gao & tards i ate & didn't take their pics..
can u imagine how much i ate? Woohoo~ Shiok!

i definitely will go again!!! drag my fatty to go together.. Muahahaha~

More pics of kuishin-bo~

after eating, we went marina square to play pool.. Raymond is the Pool Pro la..
no need aim 1.. see & hit & 80% hit in..well.. i m not a gifted pool player like Raymond..
onli can 靠 my tyco-ness to win.. Zzz~

after that suppose to go back sch at 3.30 to do project.. but see the time wrongly..
in the end my sup called me & change to tmr..
ARrghhh~~ sian 3/4 lor..
no mood to play at all.. thinking of tmr still need 2 go back sch..

After pool, meet jie wen at bugis walk walk..
he is still the same.. Gossip King..
with the Gossip Queen(me), we can form a "三八二人组" LOL!

we ate Tako Pachi~ donoe y.. suddenly got the craving for that..
fatty don wan buy 4 mi i buy myself!
we walk here & there & chat non-stop & finally..




sian la.. don like pool.. coz i can neve win jie wen la.. he is also e pro..
& he taught me how to aim properly..

the kuishin-bo food kept mi full the whole day..
however, i cant resist nice food..
so...... eat again lo.. -.-
Looking forward for the next outing!!!

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 Saturday, February 16, 2008
today went 莲山双林寺 拜拜 with my mum & maimai..

the 4 chinese zodiac that 犯太岁dis year are:
Rat, Rabbit, Horse & Chicken...

those who 犯太岁typically have a not-so-smooth year..
eg. health, career, love life, etc will be affected..
so if u r 1 of them, rem to go & 拜拜..

the temple is damn crowded la.. so many pple that they have so many counters for pple to queue & register..
first gotta register at e counter.. $20 per person or $25 per family..

after register, proceed to another counter..
e person will write ur family's name & address on a pink colour sheet of paper for the monk to say prayer later..
after that go and join in the queue..
Aiya.. Singapore's trademark.. queue queue queue everywhere~ even temple..the prayer session quite long..
Heng my 2nd bro never come.. if not comfirm start to complain 1..
that Complain King!

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 Friday, February 15, 2008

today suppose to b e LAST day of sch.. everybody enjoying.. playing..
yet i still need to go back sch on monday!!!
CRAP la!
dis is so shitty.. Yucks!

Anyway, went 三姨's hse after sch for steamboat again..
reached there early.. so went to walk around first b4 i go her hse..
& i found a lovely Hello Kitty shop!!!
(near admirity MRT station)Hello Kitty rice cooker..
Hello Kitty toaster..
Hello Kitty mouse..
Hello Kitty keyboard..
Hello Kitty headphone..
Hello Kitty speaker..
Hello Kitty cup plate bowl spoon fork calculator book dustbin..
Hello Kitty everything everything EVERYTHING!!!
u name it, they have it..
ok not so 夸张 but i really LOVE Hello Kitty!!!
& i'm gonna BUY THEM ALL!!!

4got to take photo while eating steamboat.. aiya..
too hungry so chiong food first.. haha..

after dinner..


i love dis man~ its so FUN !!! But...






HATE the mess after that.. Hahaha~

Happy New Year!

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 Thursday, February 14, 2008
.. Valentine's Day ..
i prepared these for my labmates & my dearest Dorothy.. LOL!

& dis are wad i received..
thanks ray & bz.. u all r the sweetest!after sch suppose to go sing k with dorothy de.. but mama say tonight eating steamboat..
every year de cny we will sure hav a steamboat meal together.. so i know i cant miss it..
but dorothy going back china veri soon & she'll b away for 3 months.. *cry*
in e end.. she come my hse for steamboat..
actually good oso.. can hav a good meal plus ang bao.. haha~sexy mama enjoying her food..
stupid bro always giv that stupid face..me with my fav sotong.. LOL!Thanks mama.. for the wonderful meal..
u r the BEST!!!
i Love You Mama~~~

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Today is valentine's day..
i came across a website with dis romance kit for dummies..
find it quite useful so decided to post it up..
If u wanna express your love to ur lover, or someone u love but not yet ur lover..

Here's your chance to grab hold of his/her heart..


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 Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Finally.. after 3 years studying in NYP..
FIRST time ever Dearie come my sch & fetch me without being late..
He reach at 5.30pm & "waited patiently" for mi to end sch at 6pm..
i feel so fortunate.. totally absolutely completely 100% Happy!!!
some1 standing outside ur lab, waiting for u to end sch..
i donoe how to describe dis kinda feeling.. but its always nice to hav pple picking u up frm work or sch..

we went AMK Hub Fish & Co. for dinner..
had e nicest corner window seat.. although e view is not so nice compare to orchard..
onli can see cars & cars..
My mushroom soup & Passion fruit..
the mushroom soup is nice.. veri creamy with lots of mushroom bits inside..
My New York Fish & Chip..
the BEST Fish & Chip!!! Soft inside, Crispy outside.. Shiok!
Dearie had Seafood Platter..
got squid, shrimps, fish, fries & fried rice..
& e Squid is sooo Juicy & Chewy.. e prawns too.. *Yummy!

Dearie so sweet..
remove e prawn shell nicely for me & fed me Lots of prawns..
although e serving of the food is quite big, but we manage to finish all the food..
coz its jus too Yummylicious!!!
And of coz.. Dearie was the 1 paying.. Oops~
..Some random pictures..

kissing fishy~
waiting for the food~he is cute!!!
i m cute too!!!drinking my "Passion" Fruit~Arrgh.. stupid blue black on my arm!!!
Failed -.-

after the meal, we went ntuc to get some stuff & dearie send mi home..
i asked him can i put 100% trust in him.. or sld i jus put 90%?

Dear: both is good.. actually 90% is more den enough..
10% u can keep for urself to trust urself to trust me..

Me: *Still processing* huh? wad u talking???

Dear: nonsense lor..

Me: =.="

Well.. thats all for the day.. b4 i end...







1 more cute pic! Muahahahahaha~
*Love you my cutie*

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
2 days to Graduation!!! Yippy~~~

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