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 Sunday, March 30, 2008
jus send my bro off to tekong..
I Miss Him!!!

although he's lazy, bad tempered & always like 2 fight & argue with mi ever since young till now,
but i still love him alot alot..

also not that close with my youngest brother..
mayb is bcoz we r together for 18 years & we r about e same age..

but everytime when he come back from tekong..
my pocket will hav a big hole..
coz he said e food inside is veri &%$@#%..
so he need some gd food when he's out..
so yest eat KFC & at night cup noodle for supper.. today mac for brunch & dinner..
but mostly is fatty's treat -.-

actually ns is good.. 1 week neve see him we miss him alot he oso miss us alot..
so when he come back, will hav alot of things to share..
he will tell mi wad happen inside etc etc & i tell him about my job oso..

he said actually 在里面的日子很难过.. time past veri slow & its veri torturing..
he said e onli thing that keep him going is bookout day..
he look forward to bookout day & time will seem to past faster..

he also say one time exercise too much den muscle aching..
don even hav the chance to recover den do more & more exercise..
& the injuries jus keep overlapping.. Awww~

but now he seem to b more sensible & FIT!!!
getting more tanned & beginning to look like a real man LOL!
wad am i talking sia.. lol..

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 Thursday, March 20, 2008
tiring day.. yesterday too excited so sleep veri late..
today.. Zzz~

As usual.. headache throughout the whole day..
donoe isit migraine anot..
but its also a good thing.. like that i wun fall asleep while working coz head too pain cant slp..

today Andrew(my manager) ask me for my resume!
i was worried earlier if he is satisfied with my working performance..
looks like i'm safe..

omg its 1.45am already..
finally finish my resume.. forward & off to dreamland.. Nitez!

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 Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I GOT A for FYP!!!



OMG! i cant believe my eyes when i see the letter A!
How is it possible???!!!

HAHAHA~ dis is probably 1 of the happiest day in my life!!!

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 Tuesday, March 18, 2008
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 MORE MINUTES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn it!
I'm Nervous!!!

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today is my Suay day.. 4got to bring hp out!!!
1 day without hp is sooooo... Grrr~

i think i depend too much on my handphone..
no phone = no time = no security = cant contact anybody = super helpless *cry*

to make it worse.. i got down at the wrong bus stop when i'm on my way to work today..
i went out early today thinking its a good day..
i can still go grab some breakdfast b4 going to work..


ubi side all look the same.. got down at wrong bus stop..
wanna call for help oso cannot.. Suay!

i walk around trying hard to recall how i walk to work place..
damn kanjiong coz gonna b late & started to *cry* =.=

den decided to try my luck & take 1 more stop..
i ask e bus uncle.. how many stops to Automobile Megamart..
he said 2 more stops..
den i remember patrick told mi when we got down e bus on Monday we r 1 stop away from Automobile Megamart..

i got down at e next stop hoping i m at e right place..
den saw the 鱼片米粉 stall.. i know i m at the right place.. Phew~


so i quickly walk to office & Darn.. donoe the door's password!!!
it is saved inside my handphone.. (now saved inside my head already..)
in the end gotta press the bell =.=

a day without handphone is terrible *cry*

Hope all the suay-ness got used up today & i can get good result for FYP after 12am..

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 Monday, March 17, 2008
1st day of work..
actually i donoe where exactly is dis place.. onli know its at ubi..
Emmm.. i'm working for a company - Potterhaus Singapore
nothing much.. jus do filing & help to tidy up customer's info from all over e country..

Here's some pic of my working place & a pretty colleague(偷拍的)..

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 Friday, March 14, 2008
today went out with my sweetie cutie fatty dearie Prince Charming~
we went suntec for lunch..
My Fav - Criss Cut Fries!!!
Another Fav - Fatty!!!was deciding between movie & k-box den in the end went k-box..
now there's a promotion for student..
$14.50 nett for 1 person with a drink and a fries/nuggets and tidbits/fruits..
Anyway anyway.. we got a BIG room!
dear keep singing the fan wei qi song donoe y.. i oso nv hear b4 that song..
我找不到... 我到不了...

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 Thursday, March 13, 2008
Finally the day has come..
now he's at tekong..
i was so happy & excited when he call back jus now..
hope everything is fine for him..

dis morning.. the whole family(excluding my youngest bro) send him all the way to SAF jetty..
Nono.. all the way to tekong i sld say..
i treat him a mac big breakfast..
he said b4 going in to suffer muz let him eat something good.. =.=
sound like not coming back like that.. aiya.. ns onli mah..
& he is damn lucky coz other pple will need to stay there e first 2 weeks..
but nx week fri gd friday.. so he can come back nx thurs night!
means onli 1 week!!!

Woooooo~ wonder how he look like when he is botak.. HAHAHA!

..Here are some pics i took today..

at the jetty..

we were brought around & introduced to e place they will b staying at, the stuff they will be getting.. etc etc..
aiya actually all these i seen b4 le la.. seen even more..

their recreation room..(comfirm no time for all these de lor..build nice only..)

after the tour, we went to e sch 1 auditorium & watch some ns video..
& hear them recite the Affirmation of Allegiance..(damn funny lo)
after that all stand up for National Anthem..
donoe how long neve hear national anthem le.. last time used to hear it everyday..

Finally.. the Best part of the day.. MAKAN!!!
i damn hungry la! so happy got food finally..
i think they let us hav our last meal with the boys(soon to be man)..
honestly speaking.. the food really not bad la.. onli the fries cannot make it..

After the meal.. its time for us to go..
we took a last photo of him with hair.. HAHAHA! BOTAK NOW!
(shyt.. i really wanna see how he look like when he is botak hahaha~)

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 Wednesday, March 12, 2008
nice cooling weather..
suddenly feel so sleepy~ Zzz..
hav been sleeping after 8am the past few days.. & waking up after 3pm..
seriously no life..

tmr kin gonna go tekong.. Awww~
no more supper kaki..
i will b even more sianz after he go ns..

Anyway, other den e Multiply Photo Gallery, i oso created a Xanga account & Window Live Spaces..
thinking of creating wordpress & livejournal too..
actually create so many oso no use la.. need time to maintain..
jus for back up purpose at the moment bah..

today i saw a mail frm photobucket..
den i realise.. WOW! now they have include so many different function..
change hair colour, special effects.. hahaha~ nice 1..
but e program abit laggy..
try it out man..

Meow~How i wish i got dis kinda figure.. Zzz..omg.. dis 1 look like shit on my hair..
Hmmm.. much better!

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 Tuesday, March 11, 2008
damn e stupid idiot so boliao come leave some virus comment!!!
its not e 1st time already nor..
curse him go out kena strike by lightning!!!

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4th week of slacking already..
tmr onwards shall start to send out resume & cover letter & hope to find a job asap..

type cover letter half way jie wen call mi out for supper..
Muahahaha~ how can i miss it?
as usual.. alot to chat.. wad to do? 三八二人组 mah..

i was eating my bee hoon soup half way den i look up..
guess who i saw?




Mr Dratini!!!

How Coincidence..
donoe is fate or wad.. tat time cny oso see him at sk interchange..
now supper at 4am oso see him at the same kopitiam.. sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME..
e kopitiam so big & he is onli 1 table away..

hahaha~ i was too shock & my immediate response is to stare at him & wave..
act like a ah gong =.=
well.. b4 he go he still walk over & tell mi my blog veri nice.. ask mi help him do 1.. Muahahaha~
*beri Proud nor*

back to jie wen.. we finish eating.. 八卦 for awhile.. den he walk mi home..
we went cheers.. actually wanted to buy liquor chill de..
but alcohol onli sell till 2am & start again at 6.30am.. too bad~~~
in e end he came my hse drink my ruby red mix e pepsi we bought.. Haha~

i mix for him half cup vodka half cup pepsi..
he drink that cup onli whole face red like donoe wad.. Muahahaha~
still tell mi red good coz 血液循环 LOL~ really meh?

i worse.. drink 1/8 of wad he drink onli my face oso red =.= damn lao ya..
den finally 6+am le.. my parents woke up..
he told my bro wan challenge him winning eleven budden suddenly veri jan jiong wan go home..
donoe y sia.. LOLz!
i think he abit drunk le nor.. HAHAHA~

in the end made mi gotta acc my bro e whole night Grrr~
he wan play chinese chess with mi see my standard drop till where after so long neve touch..
i know i COMFIRM 100% will loose to him de lar..
coz so far no1(my frenz & his frenz) has beat him in chinese chess..
the most oso 1 win 1 loose consider draw..
so anybody out there pro in chinese chess come challenge my bro bah..
if not he sibeh hao lian sia.. lol! BTH~

after the stupid chinese chess(which obviously i lost)..
he wanna play viwawa wahjong & daidee with mi~ Gosh.. i m onli like left with 20% energy onli..
but nvm coz he going in ns already so muz acc him as much as possible..
so we played all e way until now(10.20am) & i continue blogging..

now i m onli left with 5% energy.. *low batt low batt*
need to recharge already..


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 Monday, March 10, 2008
today went to shop for ns thingy with kin(my bro)..
alot of things to buy lo.. sian half..
first we went to make specs.. ns specs all look the same la.. onli e frame shape n size diff..
all black black plastic frame.. see already oso sian half..

specs with back hook - $77.50
(but i only pay $30 deposit first)

after that we went around looking for the other stuffs.. quite troublesome coz its raining..
although got umbrella but lazy to use especially e provision shop is so near jus across a small road onli..
might as well jus run over..

pricking powder x2 - $2.80
baby powder - $0.95
flu sniffing stick - $1.90
panadol - $4.60

can't find nail clipper anywhere donoe why..
so move on to value shop to get some tidbits etc..

disposable shaver - $1.00
seaweed - $2.50
mammi noodle - $1.20
ultra cheap home slipper - $0.50 (mine)

hahaha~ the slipper really super cheap i cant control myself from buying it..
well thats all for the day..

Total Damage: $30 + 10.25 + $5.20 + $2.40(bubble tea) + $1.10(waffle) = $48.95

After full amount for specs = $48.85+$47.50= $96.45!!!

scary right?
looks like nothing much but its already near $100..
plus the rest mum jus bought - watch, alarm clock, clothes hanger etc..
i think total around $150 lah!!!

Haiz.. start to 舍不得 kin already~ Nooooo~

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two new things i've added in my blog~

1) Chatango
now u can chat with mi LIVE in my blog using chatango!!!
got sound somemore! so Fun! Muahahahaha~

2) Photo Gallery
linked to multiply.. my pics can be found there..

*p.s - need some help from HTML pros..
how do i make it such that when i click the links, it actually open in a new window or new tab instead of the same page?
eg. when i click on photo gallery, the multiply photo gallery opens in that same page..
wad code sld i add so that when click on it the multiply photo gallery will open in a diff window or tab?*

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 Sunday, March 9, 2008
My latest henna~

Nice right? i draw myself ok!
everybody said it was cool except mummy~
say look like some chao ah lian =x

Sian 1/2..

Updates on My nails..
now i realise its really troublesome to hav long nails Grrr~
my nails got stuck under the keyboard while typing halfway & keep getting typo..
my hp got flat buttons & it's ultra hard to sms..& many many more troublesome things which i never thought will happen..
- hard to wash hair..
- hard to lock the toilet door..
- the towel keep pulling ur nails when u try to dry urself after bath..
- hard to button shorts & buckle bra..
- cant play recorder properly..
- cant play keyboard properly.. keep press wrong keys..
- cant play O2 jam properly.. keep missing the notes..
- cant put on contact lenses..
- cant put on or remove a bracelet..
- cant do housework *kena alibaba & nag nag nag x 100~~~*

Grrrr~~~ soooooo troublesome..

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 Saturday, March 8, 2008
another boring day..
i think i gonna transform into a worm veri soon.. or pi9? LOL!
whole day on bed.. nv go out.. nv do anything meaningful.. Arrggghhhhh~~~
tmr onwards muz start to move around!!!
(say onli oso donoe will do anot -.-)

anyway.. today was chatting with 耍赖 king..
randomly talk about facebook..
super long never touch facebook already~
the proudest thing in facebook is that i m always e TOP in e IQ test application..
for donoe how long no1 could beat my score until today i realise some1 actually got e same score as mi!!!
actually its ok.. dis shows that i'm not too bad afterall..
haiz.. i don wanna say.. see the picture below bah..

dis is my report.. i admit i was abit slow.. but i got 27 out if 30 ok..
the other 3 ques not i donoe how to do.. is bcoz i realise i took too much time den might as well end the test sooner coz if drag any longer will also lost points..
so i actually skipped donoe 2 or 3 questions coz not enough time..

dis is that smart ass's report..
Damn! i took 16 minutes & still cant finish all the questions yet he took onli 2 minutes!!!
2 minutes!!! What the ****

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 Friday, March 7, 2008
jus finish chat with chuan.. he's still e same..
As Vain As Ever..
donoe y nowadays guys all so vain de.. do nail somemore.. 比女人更爱美!!!
(i took a hard time to find the 汉语拼音 for 女.. its actually "nv" instead of "nu")

anyway.. he's sad coz he's gonna b a botak kia soon(going ns)..
the 白白嫩嫩 toufu Metrosexuel guy!!! LOL! keep scolding my head donoe y..

Me(小头): everything oso my head.. scold until i become big head liao..
Chuan(大头): cause i dua tao
Chuan(大头): must make everybody dua tao!
Me(小头): 大头大头 下雨不愁
Me(小头): 人人有伞 我有大头
Chuan(大头): 你的头~
Chuan(大头): where got such things
Chuan(大头): easier to get wet
Me(小头): -.-

my classmates are fun pple~ grad le miss every1 of them so much!!!
lets organise outing leh~ haha!

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uncle emoki the 耍赖 king!!!
don think u can blog about mi i cannot isit! Muahahahaha~

[Quoted: Reach home only login into msn SHOOT That Geh Siao Queen!!!
Then she finally BTH and promise....
NOTE: She say she will sing at 3pm tmr!!!!
All Take note!!! =x]

since when i promised sia! Ewww~ that 耍赖 king..
here's his L look alike photo~

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 Wednesday, March 5, 2008
~My Nails~
Finally finish doing my pinky nails after 3-4 hours~
Long right? nv do b4 mah~ 1st time so take a longer time..
Wanna see how they look like now?








How? Nice? Not bad bah!
Quite simple actually.. i think too complicated oso not so nice..
wanna hav pretty temp tips like mi?
den follow the steps below..

1) use a buffer to shape e temp tips according to the shape of your own finger..

2) shape the nail shape u wan. Eg. square, round, sharp, etc.
(for mi, i personally prefer square nails with a little bit round at e sides)

3) paint the nail with a base colour & let it dry b4 doing any designs.

(if u hav problem painting e temp tips, u can stick a bluetag on a pen & put the temp tips on the blue tag to paint)

4) stick the temp tips to your real nails & its DONE!
(for design, continue reading below..)

the above tutorial is for plain temp tips.. for designs, try to b creative & u can do wadever u like on the nails coz they are fake.. no need to scare it will spoil your nails..

i m lazy to paint so i use nail art stickers instead..
paint a white french tips & wait for it to dry & stick e nail art stickers on the nails..
after which, paint a layer of topcoat to prevent the nail art stickers & crystals from falling off..
below are some designs i like.. after seeing those u will sure find mine not nice at all..
for more pls refer to:

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