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 Monday, June 30, 2008
today went cwp for lunch with my fatty..
i was late... again..
Haiz.. i'm sorry.. really veri sorry.. i feel so bad.. but i really don mean to b late..
if not bcoz of the ipod cock up i wun b late lo..
(i seriously HATE ipod to the core..)

we had late lunch at 店小二..
nice place.. nice food.. but find it abit ex.. 2 person $50+++
but nvm.. onli once a week..
Fatty.. muz drink more water kkz... hope ur cough can recover by nx week den we can eat fast food..

super ALOT of food~Me~ getting fatter & fatter.. thanks to my dearie~
come on.. don b shy.. let mi take a pic of u~
look at the camera la.. don shy~finally~
CUTE!!! he's cute~ damn cute~ *Muackz*

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 Sunday, June 29, 2008
today went msia so see doctor..
so stupid right..
go all the way to msia & now gotta drink stupid chinese medicine for nothing..
*so bitter.. Yucks!*

slp at 6am & wake up at 8.. i almost faint..
i tot e thingy would end early & i can rush to frank's hse awhile & meet dearie after that..
stupid pong mor sinseh.. i really wanna kill him..
make mi wait for 4 hours.. WTF!

he said i got veri low blood pressure.. & scare i will faint..
PLEASE LA.. i nv faint b4 & i oso hope i can faint.. *roll eyes*
haiz.. don even know y would i agree to go see that stupid sinseh in the 1st place..
waste my time onli..

my youngest brother's.. we keep making fun of him..
say his is all leaves, roots, flowers, branches, buds, seeds.. all from a tree..
dis is mine.. look so much better.. phew~ at least all in big pieces..
my mum's.. u see the pile in the center.. Gross~ donoe is hornet or bee.. Yucks!
my brother lucky la.. camp no chance to drink so onli need 1 pac..
after everything.. went home straight & i reach home at 6.30pm!!!
Gosh.. half day gone..
actually suppose to meet dear at cwp de..
but i tot its not veri wise to meet coz after i bath earliest oso 7.30..
change & everything about 30 minutes.. leave home at 8pm.. reach cwp 9pm..
so late already..

so in the end decided not to meet..
den grace sms mi.. ask mi go frank's hse..
feel so pai seh lo.. ask mi so many times & i keep turning them down..
grace say they r not leaving that early..
so i nv think too much..
jus go bath & went out at 8pm..

but i nv regret going frank's hse despite being veri tired.. (onli 2 hours of slp la..)
his hse is damn damn damn nice!!! i jus LOVE it!!!

it was fun.. & i love Wii!!!
especially playing under air con.. u wun sweat..
i love the tennis game most.. although i loose to grace..
e most horrible game is the boxing.. box until my arm veri tired la! i'm weak..
he got wii fit too.. too bad i nv try it..
see flynn & wil doing the yoga thingy.. veri funny.. hahaha~
1st time see flynn so active.. hula hoop, arobics, push ups etc etc..
he tried almost everything..

mi in fiona's wig..
presenting~ the 80s jojo~
& jelly fish head jojo~after that went chomp chomp for supper..we ate carrot cake, hock kien mee, stingray, satay, sugar cane.. etc etc..

don care la.. eat first den say..
Muahahahahha~ fun day.. big big thanks to Fiona & Frank!

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 Saturday, June 28, 2008

today 老J treat KFC for lunch!!! Woot~ Shiok!
i m having sorethroat & i still eat 2 pcs chicken.. 要死咯..thinking mayb can 以毒攻毒 (use poison treat poison).. 简直是异想天开..
but jus hack it la.. wack first den say..

after work we went marina square to celebrate flynn's bday..
sorethroat still eat some clayfish donoe wad spagatti..
& now its getting from bad to worse.. OMG..but nvm.. muz pamper my stomach~
1 night go out spent $30++ jus on food and drink.. really gotta save up & stop spluging..

i love outing with my colleagues..
they r all so cute~
& i cant stop laughing the whole night..
thinking of the "fried bee hoon" & "chicken rice" thingy..
tmr going frankie's hse play wii~ wanna try the wii fit.. mayb gonna get 1 too~

Anyway.. i've pass e interview for dt..
so i guess going back nyp to work soon.. donoe when..
i start to love potterhaus & suddenly don feel like leaving already~
Haizzz~ headache~

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 Monday, June 23, 2008
my hair is so much longer yet no1 notice!!!
today in office..
no1 notice my longer hair! -.-
until i ask.. u see any difference in my hair today...

Khai, Flynn: u dye ur hair?
Mimi: u rebond ur hair?
老J: no diff leh...
Frank: u cut ur hair?(i almost wanna kill him!!!)

until Wil came in the afternoon~
the first 1 who notice my hair became longer..

mayb my mum is right.. my original hair already quite long..
a little bit longer oso not much difference..

well~ i don care.. i jus like longer hair~ Muahahahaha~

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Finally it's fatty's first book out!!!
& i cant wait to see him man~

friday after work.. i really donoe y.. i was veri 冲动..
wanna rush down to see him after work..
john send mi to paya lebah mrt station.. which is onli a few stations to pasir ris..

but after awhile.. i decided not to go coz even if i go i will onli get to see him for awhile..
& i can hug or hold him when he is wearing e number 4..
cant even eat in public when wearing that.. what the ****

well.. i walk around paya lebah area and bought a top which i love veri veri much..
den i suddenly remember the clip-on hair extension..
so decided to check it out..

actually jus wanna ask how much is it and how is it like..
in the end kena pull into the shop and i did my hair extension on the spot..
But at that moment of time i was abit blur blur la.. mind blank..
Aiya hack it la..
jus do and don think too much..
(pics of mi & my hair below..)

in the end nv eat my dinner & went home super hungry..
lucky my bro oso haven hav dinner so we went houg point for mid night macdonal..
Gosh.. its fatterning~!!!
nx day went out with dearest the botak..
he keep telling mi not 2 b shock when i see him.. but in fact.. its not too bad la..
nice 2 touch.. hahaha~

we had out lunch at crystal jade and watch kongfu panda after that..
nice show.. it was really funny..waiting for his nx book out.. love ya my dearest.. *Muackz*
Photos of mi & my lovely long hair~
Love my long long hair~
Ghost 2~
Ghost 3~
trying to take a full length of my hair show off my long long hair..

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 Wednesday, June 18, 2008
today i was so tired..
i fell asleep in the bus on my way home..
den overshot..
went to the opp side to take back.. sianz half~

i think i need more rest..

& i miss fatty~ >.<

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 Tuesday, June 17, 2008
I'm so lazy to blog & upload the pics taken..
Drag drag drag~~~
Gonna be a long long post with LOTS of pics~

Bought dis dress at Forever 21 - 2 June 08..

was deciding between the black n the grey but in the end still bought the black coz the grey 1 really abit too loose.. & the front really abit too low..
too bad i got no big boobs.. wan show oso nothing to show -.-"自恋 自恋 自恋 !!!
the day b4 fatty go tekong - 4 June 08

had our last meal at cine Hong Kong Cafe..
My brother's POP - 11 June 08

3 months seems to past so fast.. rem that time when he went in i still feel so sad..
一转眼.. 三个月就这样过去了..
watching my brother marching on the parade square.. i feel so proud of him..
i ask my mum.. do you feel the same when u attend my graduation ceremony..
she said.. OF COZ!!!

that night.. i treat them to buffet at Quality Hotel..
long time since we last sit together & have a nice meal..
i love having dinner with my family especially when there's good food & eating in a nice environment.. SHIOK!

my chio mama~

ok i think thats about it..
Random pictures..... Again........

Andrew bought us Chocolate frm Dubai..I strike 4D 3rd prize..
28.10.2004 - our anniversary
but its $1 ibet so onli win $20.. Gosh~
Played badminton yesterday.. too long neve exercise.. whole body aching~and i gotta start exercising!!! b4 fatty comes out frm tekong
and complain i become fatty number 2 -.-

sibeh kiam pah.. dis Emoki
how dare u post my ugly pictures in ur blog!!! Grrr~
*Arh Bish!*

counting down to fatty's first book out - 5 more days!!!

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