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 Sunday, January 31, 2010

爱不单行 Piano Tutorial (Left hand)

F-chord G-chord C-chord
F-chord G-chord C-chord
F-chord G-chord E-chord A-chord
F-chord... G-chord...

C-chord B-chord A-chord G-chord F-chord G-chord E-chord
F-chord G-chord E-chord A-chord F-chord... G-chord...

C-chord B-chord A-chord G-chord F-chord G-chord E-chord
F-chord G-chord E-chord A-chord F-chord G-chord C-chord

FA GB C-chord...

F-chord -> F C F
G-chord -> G D G
C-chord -> C G C
A-chord -> A E A
B-chord -> B G B
E-chord -> E B E

Enjoy! =D

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 Thursday, January 14, 2010
Rushing my AW hmwk.. & taking a break now..

my new cover from a taiwan drama 海派甜心..
Its a veri nice show.. made mi laugh & cry alot..
every1 should jus watch it =D

oh yea.. its called 爱不单行 by 羅志祥
(he is super handsome!!! HAHAHA!!!)
i was quite happy about it coz i post in youtube & it hit 3k views in less den a week..
Thx pple.. for ur support =D

爱不单行 - 羅志祥

找不到人說 心裡的寂寞
找不到人懂 怕黑的折磨
找不到命中注定 在一起的那个人
很多人都像我 一個人過生活

愛 只有簡單筆畫
卻比想像複雜 恨安定愛變化
我愛過幾個人 也被愛過幾遍

愛 是不可数的嗎
為何我還相信 它不是獨行俠
我在等一個人 在等我的永恒
告訴我 愛不單行 別害怕

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 Sunday, January 10, 2010

i din know till today that..
pple r saying stuff behind my back..

i seriously donoe wad i did wrongly..
can anyone jus tell me..
wad did i do wrongly?!

i jus wanna be a nice person.. to everybody..
but its so hard to gain trust from pple that u care for..
its so hard to be a nice person..

actually its true..
its so hard to get a trustworthy fren.. afraid that the person will backstab u 1 day..
will spread rumours about u..

so i conclude that.. no need to care about those who r not veri close to u..
pple will only think u r being kpo..
disturbing them..
& will spread rumour behind their back..

ARGH! i donoe wad m i talking about..
its so confusing.. DAMN!

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 Wednesday, January 6, 2010
1st time eating at dis japanese dessert restaurant..
MOF @ amk hub..

actually we request the dessert to be served later..
but i think they forgotten about it.. Hmmm..
Anyway.. dis dessert.. i forgot the name..
its red bean paste with green tea ice cream in the center..
& those white stuff are tang yuan..
best of all the food i ate there..

oh yea.. its a cold dish..
the red bean paste is quite sweet..
but if u eat with the green tea ice cream.. it kinda make it not so sweet..
& the tang yuan is very soft but not sticky.. smooth & veri chewy..
its a MUST TRY dessert! very very nice!
erm.. i oso forgot the name for dis but if i'm not wrong..
sld be salmon with mayo.. or something like that.. HAHA!
veri nice too! & veri filling..
potato salad at the side..
dis is the worse of all.. we only manage to finish half a cup..
its too sweet.. chocolate blend with chocolate syrup..
so sweet that i feel my throat hurts while drinking it.. Gosh..
pls do not order dis..
oh yea.. i snap dis coz i think its a nice spill on the bench nx to us..
the waitress there simply don care..
don even bother to clean it up or wad.. & i'm sure they saw it.. its so obvious!
they gotta improve their attitude..

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Finally got my hair done..
rebonded & trim my fringe..

people always say..
your hair look the nicest just before u cut your hair..
HAHA! is it true?
flipped tru some hair magazine while waiting for my turn..
i love these books..
Nice hair ah..
i wonder can those hairdresser do our hair to be exactly e same as these pictures..
curly hair r super hard to maintain..
+ need 2 blow n style everyday..
& ur hair gets super dry after u perm..
lazy pple like me prefer straight hair.. HAHA!
but den again..
if u perm ur hair & u r so lazy..
i think u can jus go out right after u wake up -> messy style HAHA!
it may b the nx trend.. u wun know..
for the shorter hair gals..
the photographer muz b a pro..
they make the gals look so nice in the pictures..
i like the 1 at the bottom right..
& of coz not forgetting the guys..

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TAKO TAKO TAKO!!!!!!!!!!!

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Accidentally came across dis pic online..
& find dis gal really cute..don worry i m not some lesbian or homosexual..
jus wondering y cant i be half as cute as her..

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I realise that most guys do not know how to differentiate between
G-string, T-string, V-string, C-string bla bla bla..
(& its really annoying..)

so dis post is to educate the guys
& also to intro something interesting i found online =D

G-string: there is a small piece of triangular cloth between the straps..
above the buttocks but below the waistband...
suitable to wear with jeans/shorts.. (look kinda sexy..)
& will look like dis when its worn with a jeans =D

T-string: no cloth at the back at all.. there's a small piece in front..
suitable to wear with very thin or tight fitting or sheer dress/pants/skirts..
& dis is how it looks like with a sheer dress..

G-string VS T-string
Got it guy?! Haha~

& f0r that something interesting i found online..

i was shock when i see dis.. might as well don wear.. lolx!
confirm damn uncomfortable to wear..
& will it slip of when u jump?! HAHAHA~


Lastly.. for the guys..

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 Saturday, January 2, 2010
Anyone know where to get dis top?
pls msg mi if seen any around =D

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 Friday, January 1, 2010
2pcs Chicken meal is the best!

now i m gonna start tidying my room..

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Its 2010!

i jus realise.. my blog is full of photos..
i think i really sld type more.. coz it has become like a photo album instead..

woke up at 2pm today.. half a day gone.. Zzz~
bath & slack till now.. 4pm..
haven even hav my lunch.. super hungry & i really feel like eating KFC 2 piece chicken meal..

i hope my bro will accompany mi for drunch..
today i will tidy my room..
i aim to make my room super clean..
& if i got extra time.. mayb i can plan to paint my room mayb tmr.. =D

sld i move my piano into my room?
its always super noisy in the hall..
dad watching tv, bro playing computer games, mum nagging bla bla bla..
but den again.. if i move in.. will it affect my studies & take up alot of space in my room?
hmmm.. sld i sld i???

today is 01/01/10
i really look forward to dis new year..
but at the same time.. i should also look back & do some self reflection..


My New Year's Resolutions for 2010

1) Spend more time at home with my family whenever i can

ever since sch start, the time i spend in sch is more that the time i spend at home..
i only come home to bath & slp.. even on weekends..
its been so long since i last watch TV i don even know wad to press for the channel i wan..

In 2010, i will "try to" spend every Sunday with my family..
have a meal together on the same table or something..
& I will try to make it happen.. (since no1 else cares & i hav no other choice..)

2) Control my temper

i know i m a very stubborn & bad tempered person..
i know it.. but i cant control myself.. its in my blood & i m like that since young..

In 2010, i will think carefully before i lose my temper..
i will accept what people say & stop being stubborn.. it will be very hard for me..
but i will try..

3) Aim to reach 45kg.. in a healthy way..

its quite impossible for me 1.64m.. to reach 45kg..
plus i m lazy to exercise, hate to sweat, no stamina to run bla bla bla..

In 2010, i will visit the gym or go swimming at least once a week..
i will also cut down on my food intake
& drink LS tea everyday so that i can loose weight effectively =D
(p.s. Sorry Eve i din start with u but i will start frm today onwards.. 加油 加油!)

4) Stop being lazy

i am a lazy queen.. or sleepy queen.. whatever u think fits me..
YES! i sleep through the whole of Dec holiday..
& i don seem to get enough sleep..
dis is not effective at all.. no matter how much i slp i still feel tired..

In 2010. i will stop being lazy..
try to finish what i should finish as soon as possible..
Work more.. complain less..
since no matter how much i slp i still feel tired.. what for slp so much..
it's proven that even if i slp more i will still be tired..
might as well wake up earlier & do some work so that i can hav a better slp at night..
I aim to be like Eve.. always do the right thing at the right time..

5) Study hard & get better results

My result for last semester is a disaster..
i admit that i really did not put in enough effort..
& being too greedy & took too much modules when i know i cant cope..

In 2010, i will plan my time table properly & study effectively..
i aim to get only A & B dis sem..
& i hope i can do it.. i will work hard!!!
(Slap me if i don't..)

6) keep my room tidy at all times

mountains of clothes.. piles of notes & books..
tissues everywhere..

I will tidy my room today
& try to maintain it for at least the rest of dis year!

7) Better complexion

veri bad complexion.. cannot leave home without makeups..
sometimes i m so tired.. i fell asleep without removing my makeups..
i know its super bad for the skin..

In 2010, i'll make sure that i thoroughly remove all makeups &
clean my face every night before i sleep..
apply mask & regularly visit facial & spa =D

8) Get organized

Everything of me is so messy..
jus look at my desktop, my room, my wardrobe, my table, my life..

In 2010, everything of me will be more organized..

9) Sleep earlier & wake up early

i woke up after 2pm everyday.. for the whole of December..

In 2010, as i mention above..
no matter how much i slp i'll still feel tired..
so i'll slp jus enough.. Work more & complain less..

10) haven thought of anything else..
so i shall keep dis slot open in case i think of something to add on later..


its 5pm now..
& i really should go eat something & start working on my room..
now that i have a whole list of new year's resolution..
i will work hard towards to better direction & live a better life =D

加油 加油!

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